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The Colonies



Book #1 in The Colonies Series.


Dr. Emily McKiernan had no idea when she jogged toward her apartment that her whole life would change by a chance meeting. The encounter left her with a precious gift that she had to return to where it belonged. A beautiful baby gargoyle. She follows clues to get the child to its rightful place. What she finds is a world unknown to most, and secretly guarded by those lucky enough to get to stay. Through several adventures she follows her instincts and reunites long lost love. She follows her heart back to Gunderic, where she must make life altering decisions. To do this, she must change everything she knows of life.



Book #2 in The Colonies Series.


Jen Jackson is as famous as Abe Lincoln. She is known around the world as one of the biggest country western stars from the US. Years of concerts have netted her millions, but her career has taken her freedom. Buying an old building and moving back to her hometown of Jerome, Arizona seems like the best solution to help her ailing aunt. What could be better for a woman who sees ghosts than to buy the rundown tuberculosis hospital? Jen gets more than she bargains for when she sees a spirit vanish into her kitchen wall. Being a woman of action, Jen takes a sledgehammer to the wall. Wait until you read what came through that opening!


Book #3 in The Colonies Series.


"Bag of bones" is what people called Marie Nigh. What Marie lacked in physical appearance she made up for with intelligence. After her father dies she has to figure out how to run the family farm. The Winter Witch of the Woods reveals that "In yer fields ye will find who ye seek."





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